i rarely get inspired by editorials, especially in a way where i think how i should get this and this and wear this and this is a certain way. but this picture really makes me want to buy a high-waisted wool skirt in black so i can wear my raf simons shirt (yes, i do own this shirt) the way it’s styled here. simply amazing!


so it is finally here – the maison martin margiela for h&m look-book in its full glory. and what can i say? i’m sad. sad mainly because i didn’t plan on liking it as much as i do; and also sad, because as much as i like it, i doubt i will have the funds to purchase everything that i want.




when i first heard about the collaboration, i was mainly interested in their sweaters – because i like (and need) sweaters as a whole, and because the prospect of owning a mmm sweater sounded nice. what i did not expect was for them to release the infamous glove-bag, nor did i see that patti smith-esque look consisting of a nude dress and what looks to be a deconstructed leather jacket coming! i am not sure how pricing will go, especially considering the fact that, h&m or no h&m, clothing brands in bulgaria tend to opt for higher prices (why, i still have to figure out), but those items will probably be a must for me.. time to start saving?