caved in and bought this ann demeulemeester wrap-around sequin skirt. it’s not what i usually got for and i’m not too sure i will wear it simply as a skirt (might use it when layering clothes etc.), but it was just too good of a deal to pass by.


waiting in line in front of the H&M store at 7AM.

such is the reality of the situation – after giving it much thought, i finally caved in and went to queue in front of the local H&M store, so i could purchase a few things from the new maison martin margiela collaboration. there are definitely designers i love way more than martin margiela, but it would be a lie to tell that the house he established and its ideas don’t tickle my fancy. this is also where the dilemma comes from – as a fan, a “i’m sure martin margiela himself would have hated the idea of such a collaboration, especially considering all the publicity.” kept playing over and over again at the back of my mind. and i still think so – a collaboration with a fast fashion brand is definitely not what the house once stood for. but life is life and such things happen..

all of that aside, as i already said, i decided to go and buy a few, more like two, things – the faceless watch and the glove coin purse. as you all probably know, most (all?) of the items are re-editions of older ones, those two not being an exception. i fell in love with the faceless watch the first time i saw it, and still do. the idea of time and/or timelessness has always intrigued and inspired me, so being able to incorporate it in the way i dress has been something that really excited me. admittedly, it’s not the first such piece i own, but that is what made it even better – i really liked the idea of combining it with my natalia brilli nolex watch. sadly, i have a tiny baby wrist, so the watch will probably have to be modified somehow. because, yes, it is actually a mens watch, if i forgot to mention..

the other thing i got was the glove coin purse, because apparently i’m starting a glove purse collection now (after my undercover glove clutch). i’ve loved the original piece for so long now, but since it’s so hard to find nowadays, i had to make do with what was being offered – a.k.a, the H&M version. still, it’s a lovely little bag and just enough of a minimal, yet statement piece for me to like.

not going to elaborate on the shopping experience itself, as it had it’s ups and downs and overall wasn’t the best one i’ve ever had, but it was fun, definitely the first time i ever queue for something like this.

and in case any of you suddenly feel overwhelmed by this, honestly disgustingly commercial, side of it all, i’d suggest you go view the beautiful archival images over at history of our world, you won’t regret it!


i don’t really remember how i first discovered gosha rubchinskiy, but ever since his works have been haunting me. skinheads, football hooligans, metalheads, ’90s youth, post-perestroyka youth. according to rubchinskiy himself (according to this site), “his muse reads the bible and victor pelevin’s novels, is into orthodoxy, runes, numerology, football, satanism and shamanism“. i won’t be the first, nor the last to say it, but in all of that – in his inspirations and aesthetics, even in the people he caters to – i see late ’90s/early ’00s raf simons. and in that sense i don’t know whether i should say that he’s a breath of fresh air or if he’s that odd perfume that evokes memories of “the good old days”, but whichever of the two he is – or hell, even if he’s neither – i think we can all appreciate his vision, considering it’s not something we see every day nowadays.

you can see pictures from his autumn/winter 2012-13 collection below (via lookatme). based on the youth culture of the russian city of arkhangelsk, you can feel its spirit not only in the garments themselves, but in the presentation as well – as rubchinskiy himself has stated, he is not a designer, he is a an artist that enjoys designing clothes. and that is what i enjoy about his work – it’s not just clothes for the sake of clothes, it’s a piece of a specific era, a piece of a specific spirit of youth.



some of my favourite garments of his have to be the spring/summer 2012 sweatshirts and t-shirts, done in collaboration with altamont and featuring inscriptions saying “аглец” and “чёрные псы” (“black dogs”).

one might say that in order to appreciate his clothes, you’d have to be at least a little familiar with the roots of his inspiration, to have an understanding of those youth cultures he’s winking at, all in all – to be able to feel the aesthetic nostalgia they bring. and in a way, that might be true, for that is what ultimately makes us like things as much as we do – even if it is on the deepest subconscious level, we enjoy their familiar feel. but even if you’re not familiar with his world, even if you were a teenager during the ’70s or, heck, are a teenager now, i urge you to try to understand his views, for they’re definitely about more than just clothes and are definitely very, very intriguing.

also, i’d suggest you check out his flickr, there are some really great photographs on it!